About Us

What Makes Us Different

We are a small, family run business so we have the power to listen and make change, quickly.

We get to know you and your loved ones so that we can provide care that is suited to you. We believe that having the best team with the best support they are best placed and best equipped to provide the BEST CARE.

We will do whatever is in our power to make your care personalised and right for you or your loved one. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all-approach or put any unnecessary restrictions in place. We feel everyone should have the choice to live their life their way and to live their life well. We love working with individuals to find out what makes them tick, what empowers them and work to bring them as much happiness and comfort as we can.

Our Values

Coming from a mental health and nursing background, our priority is and always will be on providing excellent and equitable personalised care. When someone joins us, they become part of our home and part of our family too. We take the time to get to know you and what’s important to you.

Our History

Ashton Care is now owned by Rebecca. She is the daughter of the founder, our wonderful Nominated Individual, Sue Newman, who started the organisation in 1986. Sue was working as a mental health nurse in a hospital and wanted to help those she cared for regain some of their independence and return to a more personal home environment. She took out loans and re-mortgaged her home to make that dream a possibility.

So why ‘Ashton Care’? When Sue opened her first home, most people looked for care using the phone book. Sue had always liked the name Ashton and as it was near the beginning of the phone book, it seemed like a good fit.

Our Structure

As a business, we try to work in the way that makes the most sense. Each of our team members has their own set of skills, knowledge and experience and so we have crafted a structure that benefits from the best parts of our teams.

At the top of our decision tree is our Director, Rebecca, and our Nominated Individual , Sue Newman. They are supported by top tier and former Registered Managers, Emily and Emma.
Next, each of our services has a manager. They make up the Management Team who meet regularly to discuss challenges, new ideas, new learnings and ways in which the business can continue trying to provide excellent care.

The facilities and rooms are always clean and tidy. Can’t thank the staff enough for the care and support they provide.